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CNC Plasma Cutting

What is CNC plasma cutting?

CNC works by accelerating a jet of hot plasma in the plasma cutting technique to sever electrically conducting materials. Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are some common materials that are cut with a plasma torch. The CNC table enables a computer to control the torch head, resulting in precise, clean cuts.

Our table is capable of edge-cutting up to 2" thick and cutting steel, aluminum, and stainless steel from 16ga to 1-1/4", table cutting area of 5'x10'.

You can submit your .dxf files or let us design and draw your project.

Plasma Cutting Services 



Wall Art

Home Decor


Repurpose Loved Items

Personalized Art/Crafts

We take great delight in working directly with our customers to craft a piece that they will be proud of by creating whatever they desire on a personalized basis. Please contact us for customized orders.

Contact us for custom-made orders and for all other enquiries

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